Boxing Gloves

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  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: The fighting gloves are made from durable synthetic leather and ensure maximum protection during an intense boxing match. The sturdy-designed men’s boxing gloves ensure maximum protection and comfort even during intense kickboxing, sparring, or mitt training sessions.
  • ENSURES COMFORT: The amazingly designed boxing gloves with an open palm design ensure uncompromised comfort throughout the training session. The material is user-friendly, reduces hand sweating, and keeps it cool throughout the movement.
  • PROVIDES MAXIMUM PROTECTION: The fist padding in the boxing gloves for MMA ensures complete protection against all shock impact during boxing training sessions, sparring cage activities, or even martial arts. The multi-purpose boxing gloves prevent hand injuries and are extremely lightweight; therefore, they improve speed and facilitate precision training.
  • IMPROVES WRIST FLEXIBILITY: The high-quality training boxing gloves offer a perfect fit and improve wrist flexibility. The gloves for boxing enhance your grip and improve your hold, especially when you are grappling or having an intense boxing match with your opponent.


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